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Every Day is a Food Day

Van Valin Productions & YumDay

Every food you love has a story. Nerd out on the stories, scandals, history and holidays behind all your favorite foods with foodie Odd Couple and friends Lia Ballentine (The Chef-Creator) and Anna Van Valin (The Foodlosopher). Hear the fascinating stories like the Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist, the surprising history of Chinese Takeout, an ex-clown who started a movement to get back to the church called "Pretzels for God," food you didn't know was poisonous, how Prohibition brought Margaritas to the US, whether or not "aphrodisiac foods" really are, and the epic McDrama of the McDonald's french fry. Recently featured on The Spruce Eats' list of "11 Food Podcasts You Should Be Listening To" and the number 1 Indie Food Podcast on Goodpods! Follow us at @FoodDayPod on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook or check out our webpage at yumday.co/podcast.